Sunday, April 14, 2013

PuTTY telnet negociation

Preview of the banner message in PuTTY.

Telnet negotiation ok (PuTTY is just a nice terminal to do negotiation with).


  1. I find it very interesting that you're doing terminal type negotiations. How are you finding the various mud clients respond to that?
    I've seen very few clients that run on linux respond in a useful manner to that, mostly using their own name if they respond at all...

  2. Actually MUD clients are not well behaved and that's very sad.
    You are right the don't respond to Terminal Type Negotiations or respond with their name... They also (some that i tested like MUSHClient and Mudlet) don't respond to WindowSize with the full width of their windows on resize...

    Don't accept ANSI Cursor positions not even \r (Carriage return). I've search on their forums about that and its some thing about keeping their logs cleen (grr). I think that logs are important but user experience isn't less important. I have to do cursor positions in a custom textcanvas class server side... :D

    But i want to do as much telnet negotiations as i can so i can store all possible information about the client.

  3. Most mud clients support TTYPE and NAWS, support for other features is varied. See here:

  4. I've tested some mud clients and in the specs i was expecting to receive TTYPE in the 1º response with the name of client them with a list of mud features available (don't remember the protocol)... but only some sent the name and then no more responses...

    NAWS is ok but the clients will not use all space available... for example Mudlet will always report 100 as the width.

    One thing i know i sill have small bugs in negotiations... i will review it shortly

  5. It sounds like you may be thinking of MTTS, a proposal by the maintainer of TinTin++ which he implemented and everyone else ignored. TTYPE isn't really supposed to work like that, it just returns a terminal type - most mud clients use it to return their name, and a few use it indicate support for xterm 256 colours, but even that can't be relied on.

    Mudlet reports whatever line width you've specified. Go to "Settings" -> "Main display" -> "Wrap lines at" and set the desired width, and it will be reported via NAWS.

  6. Thanks for your feedback it's really appreciated! :-) I will have to look at each client in more detail. maybe when i release a version and if i get enough players interested i will get some more feedback. (i really hope so)